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Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in the past got you in trouble -- words that were borrowed and words that some found it full. the "los angeles times," said in addition to his uncontrollable brought -- verbosity, by then -- biden is a gaffe machine. can you reassure the american people you have the speaking skills needed to reassure the american people? >> yes. [laughter] >> thank you, senator biden. [laughter] >> from 2007, robert watson, on both points, paul ryan's points and joe biden, who has been known to make a gaffe or two. >> he has had his share of gas, but what is amazing -- he has had his share of gaffes, but if you are in congress to long, and ryan has been in congress essentially his whole adult life, they tend to speak in congress-speak, legislatese, and the american people do not understand that. i think we will hear that directed at biden and indirectly at obama during the debate, but paul ryan cannot talk about actuaries and cost curves. the average person -- all of us, our eyes would roll back. it sounds like some economics professor. he has got to put it a different way. what is incredible about biden, even
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
at the university of california at los angeles. and you have already met richard kahlenberg of the century foundation. please welcome our panelists. [applause] by way of getting us started, i am going to ask each of our panelists, if they will react to rick's presentation and the information contained in his report as a way of getting started for our conversation. we will start with mr. connerly. >> thank you for inviting me. i was very impressed by the report, as well as your presentation. i recall very distinctly when i graduated from college in 1962 -- the anxiety that i had about entering the work force, wondering whether i would be given a fair chance to apply and be hired. a year later, affirmative action came along and the anxiety that i had was quieted substantially because i thought that i would get that fair chance. that same anxiety is there today for a large number of students to sense the demise of race-based affirmative action, so i think it is fitting that the century foundation released this document to kind of quiet people who are wondering about where we go from here. mak
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
in chicago. it was headquartered in los angeles. we merged with this other large carriers, which you all know, a merger back in 1989. it brought me from chicago to minneapolis, which is a strong republican state. -- indianapolis, which is a strong republican states. i am a strong obama person. i worked the polls in my district. i am a democratic judge. but the state of indiana, as i say again, it went blue in 2008. but right now, i do not see that happening again. it was almost a miracle. but one thing about the rodney/trying to get to -- the mitt romney and paul reiser and ticket, they are standing behind the right to work. and those jobs are lower paying jobs. they may bring more jobs to this day, but they will not bring higher-paying jobs. i stand behind obama/biden ticket. they have set a lot about jobs, not the right to work jobs provided he brought of the automobile -- not a right to work js. he brought up the automobile industry, which are strong paying jobs. host: we are going to leave it there. mr. darden, you have been doing this for a long time at bls. have you ever been contacted
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
as a community and we had millions of people in chicago and los angeles and new york, all over the country. we did not have the infrastructure to be able to consolidate to what we were doing to be effective. you spoke a moment ago about an insider-outsider game. we have devolved into that now. we have to have people on the inside, the outside, pushing the insiders and getting information from the insiders sold weekend be more effective at all times. it is like anything else. we evolve. the leadership was there. we did not know how to put it altogether. connoisseurs' about forging alliances with other people and other were dozens, and why? they work. people of color are 33% of the american population. 33%. that is a lot of soap we are buying. what we need to do is commercialize it into something that is good for us all politically. >> we may not be able to elect someone now, but we can prevent someone from being elected, and that seems like what we are doing now. we can prevent somebody from being elected to was worse. we need a real education on the dream act. it is tough. it will not be easy
Oct 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
that maryland gov. martin o'malley and los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa will be among those working the spin room for president obama. the president will be the one to get the first question tonight. both candidates will get rehearsal time. there will be no press coverage of that. >> i will be right here, and you know what -- >> we remind you again that coverage of tonight's debate will start at 7:00, with a preview program. the 90-minute debate will start at 9:00 with the several reairs afterwards. we will be looking for your reaction, your phone calls, and females, andt -- emails, and tweets. you can listen on c-span radio and follow online at and as we leave at the ritchie center in denver, we are live at the wilson center in the nation's capital. former secretary of state henry kissinger will be discussing u.s.-china relations. he will also previewed the agenda of the 18th national congress of china. november 8, china will have new communist political party leadership did what will that mean for the u.s.? we will find out this afternoon during this discussion. we und
Oct 5, 2012 9:00am EDT
on 12th street. i will be in los angeles for a few days doing it book signing in pomona. and a book signing in philadelphia on october 25. and a book signing in new york on november 1. i do not like to travel. host: this book is focusing on race. how our audience is reacting? guest: the entire mainstream media is pretending this book does not exist. i got more attention with my first book when i was working at a law firm. this is a more aggressive attack on the mainstream media then my second book was. i think they do not want people to read it. host: thank you for being here. the book is called "mugged." ann coulter has it web page and it twitter feed. thank you for being here. >> this is toward reece university in nearby fairfax, va., just outside the nation's capital. president obama is set to arrive shortly. his first campaign stop of the day. later on today he will be speaking at cleveland state university. we will have this live wanted starts. the president is likely to comment on the on plumbing figure, dropping to 7.8%, from 811%. we will also have coverage of mitt romney co
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6